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Umbrella Assessment


The most accurate precise easy to follow process to assess your business on a multi-level perspection

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Digital Assessment

The key to assessing a geographic market, is understanding your competition in the narrowest context as possible. as well as the product and services describing the need for your service and how your competition presents those needs. They need to be generalized and narrowed down into a basic understanding. This includes these fronts. Their marketing orientation. how they get their products to their customers. their unique selling points, customer relationship management, brand, promotions and how they integrate this system into a digital environment, use, convenience, promotions to break through to markets and how they use linguistically communicate the product. Understanding their SEO and how they digitally market to their users. Once you breakdown all of these parts, you will know who their markets You can use this to build all aspects of your business including uniquely identifying yourself from the competition and knowing what to do differently to take their market away.

If you have google analytics (We will also include)

Have google Analyic’s?

  • Google Geographic Keyword  Analysis and Keyword Suggest Improvements (cause and improvements)
  • Linking ( Develop Full Circle Marketing help)
  • Google Website Rank (unsatisfactory cause and improvements)
  • Google Analytic Insights Report  (Cause of Bounce Rate and Improve Conversion
  • Direct Competitor analysis. Specific suggestions direct competitive strategic improvements and  Unique selling point improvements

Competitive Assessment

We help with developing a digital marketing orientation that, are both defensive and offensive by research and and in in-depth analysis, of your competitors. We take time and focus on all aspects of their business. Since business are open to consumers, it makes any business vulnerable. You want to know your competitors, internally and externally(perception and markets) . With Our Competitive analysis, we carefully examine each aspect, build a report and define specific methodology?s to defend and

Unlike offline, if you look, below the service, you will find all the information you need, without coming within a close distance. Using research, we will be identifying your competitions online presence, website content and structure. This includes: meta keywords and meta titles, meta descriptions, grammar. These help build a companies rank on search engines. We use search queries, with terms generally used to find products alike, and see keywords that are ranked ahead of your organization. We take note, and generate ideas that we can use against your competition, in order to rank higher, on search engines. We look at the organizations history, specific strengths and weaknesses and how in-depth their branding is.

Competitive Assessment

The objective of a Distribution Channel Assessment,is to find out where your product starts and where it ends. If you are a manufacturer, you might find a delivery service that is cheaper and can allow you to deliver your products at a lower cost. If you are a manufacturer who sells Business to Business, you might find a business who wants to buy your products at a higher price. The point of a Distribution Channel Assessment, is to find a way to lower your expenses when it comes to either buying your product or selling your products and services. Our report will identify ways to lower expenses and or get better quality products from where your product starts and ends.

Trend Assessment

We overview competition on many levels to look at trends, they have been successful with. We Look at major company success stories, their brand and why consumers choose them. We look at new technology and consumer relationship management methods, as well as promotions and new products, Apps. We look at the markets and their relationship to the product and brainstorm ideas, on how your company could incorporate trends, that would successfully advance your business. We include everything in a report and analysis.

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