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Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Digitally, We implement a timeline of tasks, goals and objectives to complete. Throughout each day, week, month. we will be monitoring and re-optimization content, meta keywords and social media insights, to better improve website traffic, conversions, customers, return customers and return traffic. We will setup a database for users, by using call to actions, promotions and interactive apps, online. This will help us understand your markets. It will help with enhanced search engine optimization, a higher ratio of conversions. The further we develop an Umbrella assessment of your business, the information we obtain will act as a contributory into well? thought out tasks, that flow into each goal and ultimately an objective. This creates a dynamically proficient, successful marketing strategy.

With our 360 Marketing plan, we start off with drawing a big picture of the future. We shoot for the stars and land on the stars, using proportionate and measurable goals., throughout a week, month and year. All events, no matter how small, we promote, participate and contribute our time to. As we learn more about all aspects of your organization, the more influenced tactical and impactful, our marketing campaign will be. We will develop your brand into a force within the local industry and possibly, drive it as a force within multiple regions, buy having a business objective, of expanding.

Research and Asessments

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Constant Promotional Campaign

Research, Assessment & Analysis

Strategy Implementation & Objective Completion


We develop a market research process. This will be a strategy in itself. Using surveys, questionnaires and public targeting. We develop information you will need pertaining to, promotions, branding, products consumers options, critical competitor information and each competitive environment.
We complete market testing by purposeful sampling. depending on the location you are opening your Business. We start off by
  • Defining Business and Marketing Goals & Objectives
  • Develop Questions for Assessments
  • Develop Target Audience and Medium
  • Collect information and Data
  • Analyze Information and Data
  • Describe and Articulate Findings in Writing
  • Use to Assess Business Feasibility, Situation, How to reach Company Objectives

We strategically research locations and planned times to survey participants through understanding your Target Markets

Startup Market Research

Our Assessments (the Short assessments will be an Opening to a large assessment. that we complete in a 6th month Time period

  • Short Unique Selling Points
  • Distribution Channel Assessment for Primary Branding Products
  • Full Local Marketing/Competitive Environment Assessment
  • Short Brand Assessment
  • Short Market Assessment
  • Short Product Assessment
  • Short Unique Selling Point Assessment
  • Short Product Assessment
  • Short Digital Environment Assessment

With a Promotional event, it is the fastest way to understand your Customers/Markets

With this event we will be monitoring the Markets. We may offer a few different promotions. We will develop an idea of Markets, Unique Selling Points and business awareness

We develop

  • Full Event Plans and Implementation
  • Promotional events (In-store and Large Events)
  • Plan First Promotional Plan
  • Plan Research and Marketing Goals
  • Create Flyers, Invites, Advertisements
  • Implement event
  • Create Report on Objectives
Using assessments, communicating and articulating research and data. Ee formulate. develop and create an agenda of events and promotions,  with tactical posturing, positioning and targeted activities.

All activities must hold to a specific idea in pursuit of our strategic marketing plan design. Our agenda will push towards and be a contributory for the  framework of your strategy, build your brand on a customer relationship management system. since imaging is top priority throughout all platforms we move towards as well as leap towards building a constant without flaws  image and portrait of your business. and amplifying an image through social media, web, offline in a specific format that  easiest fastest, sustainable and most influential, on all different CRM platforms. These all have to compliment and  stucture, in order to keep building and layering a strategy anddeveloping your Customer Relationship Management System.unique, bold personality for your brand. the goals is always helps position and present  your business  to influence and pin a matured idea and image that resignates at the top of your markets minds for whenever they have a want or need for your product (consumer decision making)

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We Write down all main points in meetings. when we come to your place of business. We take visual notes. If we are allowed to work as customer service and vending. We develop visual research identifying specific demo-graphics and psycho-graphics on markets, who they are as well as why they enjoy your brand and unique selling points.


Throughout the period of work. We create a Primary Market Research Process. In the first few months there will be many targeted specific markets. We use Surveying, Questionnaires, Other mediums for data gathering tactics. Primary Research is used for most assessments. without it, we would not be Umbrella Logic.


We plan, Graphic Design, create a vision and a theme and make sure. The Location, time, food and beverage, event capacity,any external affects like by laws, parking, etc is all carefully checked off and precisely meets the target markets needs a swell as all features are directed towards creating an amazing experience.


We develop creative ideas and specific promotional ideas that highlights your brand and unique selling points from small promotional in-store events, to large holiday or a Large BBQ to gain attention. We will modernize your promotional campaign to not only build awareness, customers and conversions but return customers and brand advocates


Understanding Social Media who uses each platform and identification page insights, as well as toolslike auto-publish website membership using social media platforms and knowing in-depth knowledge on how each sociail platform works and the best way to organically market content to specific markets. We design an Amazing Social Media marketing Campaign

Branding & Imaging

we take a long n-depth look at your markets their lifestyle and perception of simplicity. Once we know that we can change everything, as small as the way a sentence is worded on your site, to the type of events.Your Business will only grow in the long term is when you know how to position your business in a way that best serves your customers


When you hire us for our 360 Marketing Services. We are available one day a week for vending for a full day. Whether its a Flea Market, Event, Fair. This helps with knowing a great deal of who your markets are, how they respond and needs for your Brand/Product/Services


We are creative, highly technical, detailed and focused. We look at the Larger Picture to formulate a Graphic Design, Event & Digital Branding campaign that bridges uniqueness, professionalism and quality that will breakthrough and position you for success and growthlong into the digital era.


Our 360 full circle Marketing plan is a strategical marketing plan that developes and strengthens both your physical location(s) and Digitally breaks you into a highly competitive Business online. It is a 350 plan as both will build off each other helping you to solidify your place in the approaching Digital Marketing Era

Using our Umbrella Assessment We Asses, measure, compare and distinguish your brand using a 360 view of your organization, your Brand. Internally, externally digitally and  on multi-level  geographic Scale, environment.


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