Graphic Design Services

By Umbrella Logic Marketing Solutions

The Program

Need help with a design? Add on our Brand Research Design program. We create multiple in-depth concepts for the purpose of the design. We offer modernized, high quality designs, that. Our brand design program will encase a short summary and reason behind the concepts we choose. Hire us and we will create a strategic custom and personalized design. it will fully capture and emphasize confidence and character, for you specific end goal.

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Image Editing

Logo, Ads. Digital Branding

Starts at  $90

We offer Logo Designs, Advertisements, trademarks for any physical or digital advertising platform. Our design will create enhance and increase awareness in any environment. We will graphically create modify and detail your design with professionalism and precision. We aim to help generate customers, return customers and brand advocates.  Hire us and we will create a design that speaks to the target audience. we will make sure to work with you to develop your advertisement in custom sizes for all digital, large or small print advertising purposes.


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Starts at? $10 Per Image

Many Companies just take a picture and post it directly online. Even with the amount of pixels and new technology in 2019, there is rarely a product Image. that doesn?t need to be enhanced. We will enhance all aspects. and allow the product to be viewed at its best. we resize, sharpen, brighten, edit lighting and shadows. in specific area.? We can Enhance it to look as if the user were standing in front of the product. We can modify and edit specific foreground and background aspects, to allow? the product to stand out


Digital Branding (Create Package)

Plan for the future: Now

With any business, Branding and Imaging means everything. With the constant clutter and amount of competition in every industry, you need something the consumer ties to you a unique quality the consumer wants to try your business or products. It needs something unique for your business to be the topic of the conversation.
With all marketing plan, we enhance your brand both online and offline. We focus on Marketing but we design large print and small print designs (Can be Graphically Animated or CSS Animated)
Design Research Program (Option Preference)

Starts at  $27 (Per)

  • Logo’s
  • Website Branding Includes
  • Website Headers,
  • Website Title Images
  • Website Background Templates
  • 3d High Definition Backgrounds
  • Entrance Page (Motion Gifs)
  • Custom Buttons
  • Browser Tab Icons
  • Advertisements (Size/customized for all digital & outdoor advertising)
  • Custom Social Media Buttons with Animations
  • Sign-up Forms



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