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By Umbrella Logic Marketing Solutions

We will create a graphic design for you with complete strict precision, professionalism, creativity and accuracy

The Program

Need help with a design? Add on our Brand Research Design program. We create multiple in-depth concepts for the purpose of the design. We offer modernized, high quality designs, that. Our brand design program will encase a short summary and reason behind the concepts we choose. Hire us and we will create a strategic custom and personalized design. it will fully capture and emphasize confidence and character, for you specific end goal.

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What We offer

Graphic Design Services



Event & Promotion Designs

Digital Media Designs

Includes(Not Limited to)

  • Flyers
  • Flyer Templates
  • Pamphlet
  • Pamphlet Template
  • Invite Forms
  • Invite Cards
  • Promotional Cards
  • Digital Invite Ads
  • Event Promotional Signs
  • Event Give-a-ways
  • Event Promotional Printouts
  • Event Theme & Imaging Designs
  • Event Engagement Printouts
  • Advertisements(Digital/Offline)
  • Image Editing
  • Header Template
  • Body Template
  • Footer Templates
  • Buttons
  • Headers
  • Gifs (Animated Imaging)
  • Blog Featured Image
  • Social Profile Design
  • Social Cover Design
  • Social Media Ads
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Logo
  • Trademarks
  • Icons

Need 3 or more designs?

Create your own package

We Offer 3 Dimensional Designs



  • Choose from both 2 Dimensional and 3 dimensions graphic designs
  •  Custom3 Dimensional text
  • In 3d dimensions, Select the entire design, or a specific element and control the dimension depth.
  • Choose the resolution and Blur of the foreground and background

We Offer Personalized Branding



  • Choose from millions of colours, using the Hexadecimal Color Index.
  • Choose from 1000’s of Fonts, using Google Fonts public directory and find the perfect fonts for your designs.
  • Use a Symbol/trademark, that captures your customers/clients attention in perfected detail
  • Add a pattern, amplify, exposure, and or saturate  the foreground, and or background of reflections, shadows, or any other aspects of each part of the design

We Offer Custom Frames



  • Choose from any shape background, specifically adaptable to your design needs
  • Choose Transparent background (No background),
  • Choose a border/frame that correlates, or enhanced the digital or printed location of the design.
  • Add a 3 dimensional Border
  • Add a Pattern, Shadow, theme or glow, to your border/frame
  • Get creative and use a. Laptop, Cellphone, Picture Frame or other physical object for your design

Other Features


Logo’s, Advertisement, and Trademarks are delivered to you in both Digital and Printing sizes by Default.

All other graphics variate on the purpose of the design


You have full control over the design. During the service, we communicate and often suggest ideas to implement, that will specifically incorporate and enhance the designs impact, and personalize the design towards your business.


We  take into consideration all copyright regulations and policies. All our designs are produced and manufactured organically, using graphic design software. If any concerns, we proof check the design, using copyright databases.



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