Search Engine Optimization Plan

List of all Features


  • 3 Title Branding Images (Within 3
  • 2 personalized background templates
  • 4 Advertisement (6 Months)
  • 4 Logo?s (Custom/Personalized
  • Free Research & trademark Development (Does not cover Copyrighting) (3 Months)

Digital Marketing Strategy

Research Data sources

  • Social Media Insights
  • Google Analytic?s
  • Trend Tracking sites
  • Site Subscriptions & Registrations


  • Competition (2 Competitors)
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Target Market
  • Distribution Channel
  • SWOT Assessment

Major Objectives

  • Digital Awareness Development
  • Feasibility & Sustainability improvements
  • Competitive Insights
  • Market insights
  • Successful website awareness Campaign

Web Design & Hosting

  • Free Advanced Website Plan 25 Pages 40 Product Enhancements 8 Special Posts)
  • Includes 1 Website name Registration
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Website Theme

Strategy Development

  • Registration on Major Search Engines
  • Indexed on all major search engines
  • Keyword Research (on-going)
  • Website will follow Search Engine Best practices
  • Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Accurate incorporated Meta Values
  • Geographic Meta Values
  • Database creations, Subscription and client contact
  • Search Engine Paid Advertising (Targeting and Re-targeting Option)
  • Call-to-actions and segment targeting promotions/events both in-store
  • Website and user analytics monitoring and improving performance, engagement features
  • Database creations, Subscription and client contact, demographics and psycho-graphic segmentation for data analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising through Free Business directory websites such as yelp, provincial/state, federal Business searches
  • Constant improving of Organic (Free) Google advertisements (Meta titles, Descriptions and keywords from user website analytic?s)
  • Content targeting different markets with an emphasis on local markets for all in-store promotions and products
  • Risk Assessments

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