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All Digital Marketing Plans come with these specific assessment
• Unique Selling Points
• Brand and Digital Brand
• Products/services
• Distribution channels
• Packaging
• Competition Online/offline
• Markets/Target Markets

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Market Research

Our Digital Marketing Plans offer: website database creation. A Database helps capture data from users by using sign-up forms, including: newsletters, competitions and promotions raffle. We can also collect data in-store with questionnaires, surveys and visualization.

Google My Business

We create Google my Business and develop the page professionally. We enhance it with graphical branding and update weekly. we setup timed auto publish posts to Google My Business. We also set it up to on publish social media platforms your business has an account on.

Custom Graphical Branding

The 360 plan Includes multiple logo's, social media and all digital marketing Advertisements included each month. It includes full website and event graphical branding.

Summary of Digital Marketing Services

#000000;”>With our Digital Marketing Services, we offer full web designs packages included with each plan. Social Media Marketing that is fully connected with your website and allows users to sign-in on specific Social Media Platforms(Usually specific to the social media platforms you have a base of followers on) We connect your website to social media through developer program to be able auto-publish using a push of a button to social media. We research your digital industry in order to provide a complete and industry specific Search Engine Optimization that includes Content optimization. We monitor and assess the success of your SEO (as your website gains exposure, using analytic monitoring programs. We offer constant editing/adding, improving text, meta, keywords, images and page/post titles. We do this by Using platforms, such as Google Analytics, Social Media and other insight program. we will be looking to better understand how Search Engines cache and how consumers use search engines on Search Engine Result Pages. This is how we build an amazing organic marketing orientation. As well content that drives user engagement and conversions to make it easier to be found in your region on specific SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

We will be creating website graphics that reflect all aspects of your business, promotions and event. We will create a theme as and build on it as we understand your business more through Digital communication with the owners, head staff as. We will be doing research data analysis to build in-depth reports to gain a better understanding your markets and define your target market. Most likely your business already has an amazing brand. We just need to communicate it digitally into the new era of of online marketing.


SEO Plan

Digital Marketing Tour

Startup: Search Engine Optimization

We use apps that scan and list keywords and key terms on specific websites, aswell as scan high competitive websites that receive high rank on search engine Results Pages. This helps with b understanding of how search engines use their dynamical ranking algorithm in your industry. Understanding this allows us to add contextual content when designing your website and creates a high conversion rate. We complete research and design your digital marketing strategy, using and adding keyword in the ‘Meta Sections. on each We do content optimization by re-writing content in ways that incorporates your businesses values, engages your markets and customers in order to develop a great competitive edge. We also Optimizatize all media with names, titles and descriptions, that are specific to your brand and services. with the media we use specific key terms and keywords within the content(Text, Image titles. With this bottom to top strategy your digital marketing orientation will  compete and gain attention on a high volume level. organically(or non paid ad listings).
Usually have your Business name and information pertaining to what the page is about. Should include 1 or 2 primary key words. If your Business name includes the the type of products or services that you offer. There is already a keyword

Description. Should be a short summary of your page. Sometimes you can choose text directly from the page as long as that text relates to the entirety of the page. It is always great if you can use keywords including a Primary keyword within the description


Keywords are unseen by users. But you Enter keywords that describe your page. Keywords usually need to be placed in the content and must flow in the content naturally in order for search engines


Pages do not have a Category, but any blog, post or special post type such as a portfolio will have categories you tie in to each post that other relatable posts should be categorized in. Always make sure you have categories that helps search engines pick-up on a specific part of their algorithm. Developing a Relationship between your page content to encompasses your values key terms specific to your audience that engages your audience is an art that we have mastered.

This helps create a high conversion rate. We do quick research and design your using and adding keyword in the Meta sections on each page, as well as re-write content in ways that incorporates your businesses values, engages your markets and customers. To develop a great competitive edge. We develop Pages that are specific to your brand and services and we use specific

With all Digital Plans through identification through cookes, We will Be Using an app that segments users through google Analytic. Than we will start Segmenting users/customers/return customers into a database which gives your business a lifetime opportunity to market to these customer. This also allows us to Understand their Locations interests, Age, Gender, Some psycho-graphic information, To start building Market Segments and Target Markets. It also allows us to build content based on different markets interests, age location and content market to those markets. It will help your company develop events for specific markets, and geographically target a market of users with specific promotions like events and build a stronger relationship by getting them to come into the the store. It also allows perfecting of conversion using organic targeting and PROFITABLE, Paid Advertising Targeting and Re-Targeting as online advertising can be very expensive. It is only profitable, if you know your

Social Media Marketing Plan


Social Media Marketing

You website will be dynamically linked with your social media. to do this we use buttons and images specifically branded to target your audience.

We Personalize each post, page or special post in order to display a certain amount of content, as well as a images fitted and targeted to that specific social media platform. This helps when you have many different markets.

Website Integration

1. Auto-publish Blog, Posts, Events, and Updates

2. People can Login from the Facebook, Twitter. Instagram,


  •  Connect directly to Some Social Media Direct Chat on your Business Pages (Messenger, Skype)
  • Sharing, Liking. You could include social media feeds on your website
  • We will be circulating all each social media platform on all platforms in order to connect audiences from 1 platform to the other platforms.

Although we market through any or all social media. Twitter is our top Social Media for Marketing.

People have different ideas  and opinions about twitter, but twitter is amazing because, it allows your business to follow businesses and gain followers without having to make a request and many businesses are willing to follow you back. It is the best marketing platform for finding partnerships and raising awareness of your brand  local, nationally and internationally , and non local businesses, as well as gaining attention. Since twitter is a very quick feed, social media platform, it is good for “timed” Set auto-publish posts, at least a few times weekly and remember to go on and follow all your followers back.

Our goal is to always to create expanding your base on social media platform. Once you have found a great base. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of followers who are national, international, or local. The more likes, shares, or other engagement’s with a post. Search Engines will post it. We always create a lot of content that is Geo-Targeted to a specific area, with engaging content.

You always use your social media as a base for promotions, your Website secondary and use community government and affiliate websites, offline advertising and any other advertisement medium to be set to your social media and then your website. Depending on the social media, some already have all the quick invites and gust list, sign ups in order to start building your event. Although once you get them on a social media guest list, you can then engage them to follow you on other platforms

Digital Branding Plan

With any business, Branding and Imaging means everything. With the constant clutter and amount of competition in every industry, you need something the consumer ties to you a unique quality the consumer wants to try your business or products. It needs something unique for your business to be the topic of the conversation.

Our Graphical Branding Strategy will be developed through Meetings, Assessments, Consultations, Events, Promotions and Consultation

With any business, Branding and Imaging means everything. With the constant clutter and amount of competition in every industry, you need something the consumer ties to you a unique quality the consumer wants to try your business or products. It needs something unique for your business to be the topic of the conversation.

With all marketing plan, we enhance your brand both online and offline. We focus on Marketing but we design large print and small print designs (Can be Graphically Animated or CSS Animated)

  • Website Branding Includes
  • Headers,
  • Title Holders,
  • Title Images
  • Text Background Templates
  • 3d High Definition Backgrounds
  • Entrance Page Images
  • Custom Buttons
  • Browser Tab Icon, Buttons, Re-sized and Logo Fit
  • Advertising (All Sizes. Billboards Extra)
  • Custom Social Media Buttons with Animations
  • Custom Sign-up Forms with Animation
We also offer

Custom Cover and Profile or other Display Images, sized in height and width ratio, added backgrounds with logo’s or other Branding Images with second background layer, if a wide variate size of your logo needs a background or  doesn’t display properly.

Content and SEO

Events Planning

With our Event Planning Service.You also receive our Event Imaging/Branding along with our design research program.

Using research and in-depth meetings  We develop a better understanding of your companies. markets. locations and estimate populating of defined markets. We develop a promotional event strategy  throughout the our contractual period. We view event planning as a short term marketing plan. With a small in-store promotion.

Our 9 Step Event Planning Process

  1. Event Purpose and Idea
  2. Event Audience and Markets
  3. Develop Event Brand & Content using step 1 and 2
  4. Estimate Min Guests and Max Guest,
  5. Set Venue Date and time Based on knowing step 2
  6. Choose a Venue, Based on step step 2 and & Date/Time
  7. Develop Digital & Offline Awareness and Targeting Strategy
  8. Identify and Engage Event Partners and Sponsors.
  9. Develop and Deploy your event Marketing campaign.

Marketing the Event (Outline)

The main hoal with large events (Game, BBQ, Holiday,). the Goal is always to create a plan by knowing the primary goal of the event a long with the specific markets that it would attract

  • How do we develop and brand the event, in a way that amplifies the business as well as engages specific markets.
  • how do we raise as much awareness as possible of the event in a specific time with the resources available that is most feasible.
  • what are the likely minimum attendance and max amount of attendance: (Max would be Unusual. our
  • Once we understand the event brand awareness amplification, if there is no set venue, we find one that works with the concept event size and is a location that is specific to areas of a large audience of specific target markets.
  • It should be a careful consideration of your markets lifestyle

Graphics, Promotions, & Event Goals

  • Postings and Websites advertising, we as well as affiliate websites,, Social Media, Government Municipality event awareness Websites to raise awareness.
  • Using our Graphics Ability, we design Invites, Advertising and Event theme as well as mechanism such as promotional cards, coupons, promotion sign up, raffles that help us create a database of customers and gain insights on the markets specific to that event

We than design all designed advertising promotions and ways to engage the markets not only the event but something to connect with your business at a later date. at t a time and date specific to we have to know who your markets are and what they enjoy in their spare time. It could be either a cause, celebrations or just something to get people out. All Business events are promotional events. Once we understand your markets we will know how and the staff we need to organize it,

Icing on top

Events (Other features)

  • Promotional Card Advertising
  • Promotional Discount Website Link or App Sign up Cards
  • Customer Points cards

We create imaging that reflects and amplifies your brand. Using careful understanding and communication, we can go above expectations and match detail to detail in a high definition quality  quality, with any Graphic Design you need. If you need help deciding or need our creativity to come up with designs that perfectly amplify your brand in a spectacular fashion, our Brand Research Design Program, Comes Free with all Digital Marketing Plans for all Designs All Designs you need whether decorative, promotions, trademark or Logo’s, you need designed, they are all included with your plan for free.

Email Templates

Custom Email Templates for E-commerce Payments, Memberships, subscription, Mailing lists, etc.

Blog and Content Optimization Plan

A lot of people assume, with being in specific types of industry. or only selling a specific type of product, there is not much content, worth writing a Blog. One feature that takes businesses to another level on searches is a website  with a lot of content. Any business whether customer engagement is low, can develop a relationship with their customers and create a gateway to communication by understanding their audience.

We will develop a gateways and build content.

Its best practices we develop an idea that  relates to the specific products and brand. It should contains common keywords that generates a high interest and conversion ratio. It should also be terms that engages customers. The easiest way to continue adding content to your website as well as target specific audiences, is to use key terms and keywords that relate to how common markets of the products demographic an  psycho-graphic attributions would use to communicate to search engines.

Full Web Design

Fully responsive on all Devices


your web design will be structured organized and sound to the guidelines of Search Engine Best Practices. The design will professionally amplify and capture the complete essence of your business. We do a quick overview of the industry, competition and markets when we will develop your website. We do this in order to help your website stick out of the industry  but also reflects all aspects of your organization. Your Website will visually amplify the unique identity of your business that and will be exceptional to a great user experience. Using research and communication, we will design a website that professionally represents your organization.

after the design is finished we will keep  analyzing  and monitoring markets.  We will be creating and making appropriate changes, in order to facilitate a successful Digital Marketing strategy as consumers move to digital for there consumer needs. Whether it is to gather information on a specific product,, searching for the right company,, searching for the right company near by or shopping online.

Included in 360 Digital Marketing Plan

  • Unique Selling Points
  • Brand and Digital Brand
  • Products/services
  • Distribution channels
  • Packaging
  • Competition Online (3 Online; 2 Offline)
  • Markets/Target Markets
  • Digital
  • Trend
  • Sustainability

Using these we will create a SWOT Strengths Weaknesses, threats and Opportunities. This will allow us to Measure and evaluate your business. We create a Marketing strategy orientation that will allow your business to go down many different paths. our Daily tasks, monthly goals and objectives will become more prominent as we establish a Marketing strategy that is the perfect fit for your Business values, vision, sustainability and markets.

Included in SEO Plan

  • Trend
  • Digital
  • Distribution channel
  • 2 Competition Digital
  • Markets/Target Markets

Using these we will create a SWOT Strengths Weaknesses, threats and Opportunities. This will allow us to Measure and evaluate your business. We create a Marketing strategy orientation that will allow your business to go down many different paths. our Daily tasks, monthly goals and objectives will become more prominent as we establish a Marketing strategy that is the perfect fit for your Business values, vision, sustainability and markets.

  • Marketing Strategy

    360 Digital Marketing Plan

    We research assess, design and implement a successful digital marketing strategy.

    Optimization Plan

    Using content building, optimizations, call to actions as well as tracking users, we develop a successful website marketing campaign.

  • Graphics

    360 Digital Marketing Plan

    It includes our brand design research program with 8 Logo’s  Logo Designs as well as a trademark designs through out 6 months of your plan.

    You will receive Graphic Designs for Website Branding, Social Media Platforms, Blog Templates,  Promotional and Event Advertising.

    Since y u receive an intake each month of specific designs. You may Trade an unused designs for another design. Ask us about this option.

    Optimization Plan

    It includes our brand design research program with 4 Logo Designs as well as a trademark design.

    Discounted Items

    All Graphic Designs and Enhancements, you will receive 50% off.

  • Web Designs

    360 Digital Marketing Plan

    Your Website will come with advanced features and enhanced branding with up to 50 product/service pages for free

    Optimization Plan

    Your website will come with advanced features and up to 25 product pages.

    Discounted Items

    You will receive 50% off on any extra pages, posts, product pages.

  • SEO

    Both plans include  keyword & Meta Research,  Data analytic s, content optimization, Targeting and Re-targeting.

  • Blog and Posting

    360 Digital Marketing Plan

    Included 3 Blogs posted and Auto-published weekly

    Optimization Plan

    1 Blog Weekly, auto-published and Auto-published to Social Media

    Discounted Items

    50% off on any extra Blog Posts


  • Exception

    If you have a staff member who  has a full time availability available to communicate after work hours as well great with communication and can handle tasks outlined on our full service marketing overview and as well as technical ability to perform the tasks outline on this page.

    with our 360 Full Marketing Agency Services.

  • Our Assessments (Local or through a Team member)

    Our Assessment can take up 6 months to perform a complete umbrella assessment, in order to design a flawless marketing strategy

  • Digital Marketing & Assessments *Please read

    We can customize a quicker modal, umbrella assessment specific to the digital sphere.

    We use a Database, apps, and other digital forms to collect information. but With our Digital Marketing Plans. In order for us to collect enough primary research. for a full Umbrella Assessment, we will need your help. Otherwise the assessment will have amount of secondary research and or it will take us longer to perform and products. the research we will be using will be Our database and apps, questionnaires, surveys, feedback

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