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Umbrella Logic Marketing Solutions is made up of post-secondary graduates. We are very dedicated and experienced professionals. We have completed programs in research, data analysis, event planning and Graphic Design. We follow a very elaborate process, that starts with defining the roots of your business, within an entire industry, geographic location, competitive markets, trends and future of the industry and of your business, markets, possible markets and future markets. We define the root by using research to develop a 360 view of your business and market place. We use a wide angle of creativity, in order to uniquely distinguish a brand from its competition and within your entire industry. The team at Umbrella Logic brings skills and expertise that accumulate into amazing team. Hire us as your Marketing Solutions Agency
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Located in, Oshawa, Durham Region(Greater Toronto Area)

We Value Small Business

Small businesses are the economic backbone of North America that allow for a self-sustaining economic funnel. Small Businesses promote manufacturing, buying and spending within a region. Small Businesses ultimately lead a region to encapsulates a prosperous and healthy national and economic state of a country.

Located in Oshawa(Greater Toronto Area)

About us
Our Name

Our Name

Our name is inspired from an assessment. The assessment is essential to complete a full business/marketing assessment, of a business and developing the best possible long term, 2 or more year marketing strategy.


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