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Market Research Through Observation

Step 5 of our Umbrella Assessment Guide

An Umbrella Assessment is an in-depth hierarchy of assessment and analysis. It uses research, in order to create a 360 view of your organization, internally and externally. Once assessed, it helps you design a risk free and dynamically flawless, marketing strategy.

The Point of Observational Research

Understanding the consumers and your markets, who they are, why they are there, will help you start building your business around the consumers. It will ultimately help drive customers and make your business more profitable.

This article will guide you on ways to easily attain information, without being assertive. It is just using your eyes and ears, to understand consumers.

Understanding the customers and your markets ,is the most important knowledge a business should have, in order to be successful.

The Point of Observational Research

Once you start collecting information through observation, you should write it down and use to to draw relation Start taking Notes, brainstorm and build a question list, composed of things you can derive from consumers when they come into your business.

Below is an example

Brainstorm a list of questions

Reason for Shopping

  • What were they there to buy? random Shopping? promotion? meet
  • Needs of Kids?…
  • Need or Want?
  • What product did they buy.
  • Why did they Buy that specifically
  • Did they go to any other places around when they left?
  • Do they normally come in on a specific day.
  • What time of day do they usually shop?
  • Do they seem interested in other products?
  • Do they only come in when the Product is on sale?


  • Are their multiple  family members with them
  • Are they wearing a Wedding Ring
  • what age is interested in what products?
  • Are they driving a Family type vehicle
  • Are they wearing a Wedding ring/engagement ring

Are they a return customer

  • Did they know where the product is or were they just browsing?
  • Have you seen that customer before
  • Do they look like they know where they are going

Reason for being a Return Customer

  • Do they shop when there is a specific promotion
  • Was there a promotion going on to buy that product?
  • Did you target that promotion somewhere to a specific location…


  • Clothing theme – laid back, Sporty, High End?
  • What does their clothing say about them
  • Vehicle/Other Transportation Methods
  • What can you tell from their car they drive?
  • Adverts from their job? A lot of use?
  • High End Car? Affordable Car? Rental? Any advertisements?
  • How much would they Spend? How much did their Work Spend? – Hard Worker, Blue Collar, White Colour, Income Class, Where they Work
  • Van? Crossover? Family Vehicle?
  • Does the Car have anything made by children hanging from the Mirrors, on the Windows? Family?
  • On the license Plate does it have a Dealership Location?
  • What Location is the Dealership, Most likely closest to where they live?

Home Location

  • Did the customer walk
  • License Plate Dealership
  • Car Stickers
  • Targeted Promotion Area
  • Type of Neighborhood – Family,  ,


  • Estimate Customers age
  • Generation
  • Low Class, Middle Class or High Class?
  • Do they look Computer Savvy
  • look College Education
  • What is the ratio of male to
  • female, age, etc, who is interested or buys the product.

Create titles to group the information

  • Generation
  • Gender
  • income Class
  • Marital Status
  • Kids
  • Lifestyle 1
  • Lifestyle 2
  • Opinion 1
  • Opinion 2
  • interest 1
  • Interest 2
  • Income
  • Class
  • Product 1
  • Product 2
  • Product 3
  • residential Location
  • Age
  • Generation
  • Clothing Type
  • Time of Day
  •  Other Stores Shopped at
  • Vehicle Type
  • Week Day
  • Amount Spent
  • Return Customer
  • White Collar
  • Blue Collar

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