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Guide to Creating a Research Plan

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An Umbrella Assessment is an in-depth hierarchy of assessment and analysis. It uses research, in order to create a 360 view of your organization, internally and externally. Once assessed, it helps you design a risk free and dynamically flawless, marketing strategy.

Market Research Purpose

With any market research strategy, you need to consider and overview the purpose of the market research.

Whether you are assessing one aspect, multiple aspects or  developing an Umbrella Assessment, you need to develop an in-depth and focused assessment on each purpose.

If you are following our Umbrella Assessment Guide, you need to create an assessment for the following business aspects

Purpose: Assess all External Aspects and Perceptions

  • Markets,
  • Products
  • Service
  • Competition
  • Industry
  • Trends
  • Distribution Channels
  • Unique Selling points
  • Activity and Strategy Feasibility
  • Sustainability
  • Brand Promotions
  • CRM and Packaging
  • Efficiency

Purpose: To Assess all Internal Aspects


  • Employees
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Accounting & Financing
  • interior design & Branding
  • Customer Contact Points
  • Distribution Channel ( Internal Analysis )


For Help with terminology, please view

For Help with terminology, please view

Create Target Audience

With the purpose in mind, now you need atleast a partial understanding of your audience. If you have no data at all, take some time out and look into who your customers are and their demographic and psycho-graphic attributions. please view our observational research article. create a list using columns for the attributes below and identify the attributes of each market below (Easiest way is to use Excel)

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family
  • Marital Status
  • Children
  • Financial Class
  • Wage
  • Job Type
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Personality Type
  • Residing location

Create Extra Columns or Add These In Comment Section(Optional)

  • Why do they buy your products
  • Why do they come to your establishments
  • Products they buy
  • Do they come for a specific promotions
  • Do they come on a specific day

Pin Pointing Locations or Respondent for Market Research Sampling

Once you have at least a basic understanding and  information about your markets, you want to start brainstorming Where, How and When, Would these markets be most appropriate to ask, considering the purpose of the research  and easiest way to get their full attention and get the best  answer for your specific questions. There are many aspects you want to consider, in order to figure out the most appropriate time.

In order to figure out time, you first need to figure out How(Primary Research Method), decide on the best and most appropriate method

When and Where

  • Where would they be gathered
  • When and Where would it be to easily identify your target audience
  • When and where would  they have time to answer questions.
  •  When and Where would they be in a positive mood
  • When and Where would they be approachable

Generate and Design Questions

The most important part of developing a Primary Market Research Process, is developing questions. Develop  questions based on the Purpose of the Market Research and  your target audience.

In order to start creating questions for your market research, you need to figure out how to align questions, per assessment. You should create a statement on the objectives of the assessment. Use this statement to brainstorm all the questions you need answered, to complete the research for that assessment.

Statement for Competitive Assessment Example:

Our market research is to understand and assess direct competitive organizations, future competitors, and digital competitors.

Many times a question may also fit into more than one category.


  • Competitive Markets. can help you find more Target Markets/Market and used in a Market Assessment
  • Unique Selling Points can help you with a Brand Assessment

Also questions should be different or not asked per audience, based on location.


  • If it is too far to deliver to a specific location
  • If a specific Promotion is for a specific location
Guide to Creating a Market Research Plan

Question and Sub Question Example

Questionnaire: is there anything we can do that our competitors offer, in order to a make your experience better?

Sub Question: What can you do differently?

Market Research Methodology

Once you figure out the audience, you can then can decide on the Methodology

  • Surveys
  • Questionnaires
  • Interview
  • Focus Group
  • Observation

Many of you may wonder the difference between Surveys and Questionnaires. The difference is, Questionnaires ask follow up questions and  are more in-depth. Surveys are “On the Face Questions”.

Quick Primary Market Research Methods Include

  • Customer Feedback,
  • Digital,
  • Social Media
  • Discussions
  • Polling.
  • billing
  • other forms
  • Event FeedBack
  • Product Feedback
  • Product Reviews


Develop a strategy that allows you to use different mediums for quickest  results that reach all audiences.


Important Notes

  • Number each question and enter it into Excel
  • Each question should be asked at least 108  times. (Reason being, the error rate for Surveys and questionnaires falls between 4 and 8 percent)
  • 100 respondents, is a healthy number, for accurate relationships and correlations
  • Each Major Assessment should have  35+ Assessments (Market Assessment 50+ Questions)

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