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Analyzing Data

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An Umbrella Assessment is an in-depth hierarchy of assessment and analysis. It uses research, in order to create a 360 view of your organization, internally and externally. Once assessed, it helps you design a risk free and dynamically flawless, marketing strategy.

The point of market research is to understand an in-depth view of your target market and their relationship to your company.
Once you have collected all the data you need, you want to run it through a data analysis software. will show relationships between markets demographics, psycho-graphics and your company.

For a lower cost software, Tableau is $75  for a license.

Analyzing Data

Once you have collected all the data you need. You want to run it through data analysis software. This will show relationships between markets, demographics, psycho-graphics and your company. Make sure to compare and create relationship groupings, between all the below attributes. Group the below attributes within that category, as well as create groupings of relationship  from a specific attributes and create relationships with attributes in other categories. You then want to compare each group with a specific question answered by respondents, that are specific to the aspect of the Purpose of the Assessment. This will create correlations between respondents. It will ultimately build your assessment(s)

The point is to find out as much as you can about each grouping/market and determine a full understanding of who they are to your company and the purpose of the research(Objective)

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Age, Region, Marital Status etc.Number of children (if Any Occupation. Annual income. Education level.


Compare consumers personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles

Consumer Behavior

Responses from samples on open-ending questions, concerning the purpose of each assessment

Purpose of Assessment

Analyze to find correlations between the above relationships, with answers specific to the assessments

Secondary Research

Secondary Research can reinforce your findings These include Stat sites, Articles, Case studies, etc

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Market Research Is Always Continues

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Who is this group. What the relationship of demographic,psycho-graphics and consumer behavior


Is there anything else, beneath the surface, that connects this group to your brand

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Do you need to collect more data from this market? is it feasible? is this market important?

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