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Evolution of Marketing

Before demand could keep up with supply, it was just a very primitive sales landscape. only after the manufacturing era, was there any competition to sell goods and services. below is a brief article on each era and how marketing came to be.

Manufacturing Era

between 1900 – 1920, the manufacturing era occurred.. It was also known as the Production Era.  During this era it was hard for supply to keep up with demand. If you were a business owner, your products were needed, not wanted. Consumers didn’t have many options to choose from. If you were a businessman, most likely you had a lot of money.

Sales Era

Sales era, also called the simple trade era, was when companies started having some competition and production was sold off pretty quickly. This era happened, from around 1920 to just after the war in 1945. Companies had a hard time keeping up with stock during the war. After the war, when soldiers came home, there was a huge growth in business and companies needed to compete with one another to make a profit.

Marketing Era

The marketing era. (1980s – 2015) The marketing era evolved from the sales era..  Almost every industry grew, causing a competitive working force to gain insight in order to gain a competitive., this era grew with many companies having a marketing departing or just a marketing and sales employee at first. By the 1960s to the middle 80s. people decided to start businesses in the marketing and sales Industry. The Marketing era got exponentially competitive as years went on. There was a need and a good payable wage for marketing, that people interested in only marketing found enough demand to open Marketing Agencies. These Agencies were focused completely on research, branding, winning customers, beating competition, unique selling points and innovations. This was also due to the evolution of customer relationship management that demanded branding and Imaging, towards the needs of the consumers.

Digital Marketing Era

(2015 – Now) Now customers are ordering all their products from the comfort of their homes.  Visions we only saw in movies, of everything becoming technological, are now actually happening. E-Commerce and Online Marketing is very soon going to be the only way to out beat competition. Many small business owners need to start opening their mind to jump from in-store to digital as many older generations are not use to digital and don’t like it. It is somewhat of a nuisance as all the younger generations spend their time on digital. FaceBook keeps offering us ads to create a Will or Legacy, for when you die. All people do is spend their time on digital. The Digital age is here, and it is only just getting started!



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