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Introduction: Umbrella Assessment

Step 1 of our Umbrella Assessment Guide

An “Umbrella Assessment” uses Primary Market Research and a hierarchy of assessments, in order to develop a full 360 view of your Company, Markets, Industry and future. It.

Our Definition of a Business Assessment:

It is a question or multiple questions of a specific aspect or multiple aspects of your business. you answer by attaining knowledge or information. 

Major Steps of an Umbrella assessment Include:

  • Research Plan
  • Anchor Assessments
  • Strategy Design
  • Secondary Umbrella Assessments
  • Primary Umbrella Assessment

What you will be assessing Internally

Internal aspects include

  • Employees
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Employee Relationship Management
  • Accounting & Financing
  • interior design & Branding
  • Contact Points
  • Customer Service (Service potential & Employee Position Fit)
  • Location & Location(s)
  • Distribution Channel ( Internal Analysis )

What you will be assessing Internally

What you will be assessing from a External Point-of-View

  • Markets,
  • Products
  • Service
  • Competition
  • Industry
  • Trends
  • Distribution Channels
  • Unique Selling points
  • Activity and Strategy Feasibility
  • Sustainability
  • Brand Promotions
  • CRM and Packaging
  • Efficiency
Once fully assessed, you are going to want to categorize your findings. We call this funneling. you funnel your findings through a SWOT.

SWOT Assessment

  • Strengths – Positive aspects of your business that are non-changing and will always be there
  • Weaknesses – Negative aspects of your business that are non-changing
  • Opportunities – Changes you can make to become more successful
  • Threats – Past, Present and Future threats to your business that you can change

Primary Umbrella Assessment

Once your Secondary Umbrella Assessment has been Finished, you then want to use all the findings to develop a marketing strategy. The Primary Umbrella Assessment is a Situation Assessment assessment that uses all other assessments to ultimately determine your “Marketing Goals and Objectives” in order to successfully answer the 6 questions below.

  • Where are we Now
  • Where do we want to
  • How do we get there
  • How do measure progress
  • How do we make sure we get there
  • How will we know when we are

During the Assessment and Strategy Design, do an on-going assessments below, of all activities



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