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Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Geographic Targeting

In this article, we will teach you how to target customers organically, in specific locations that you sell your products or services.

Business owners get confused when it comes to understanding Search Engines and how to compete geographically, without having to spend money on paid advertising.

When you see your ad on Google, the title section is called a Meta Title the Meta Title (Should be within 20 – 65 Characters). The paragraph snippet you see on Search Engines, is called a Meta Description (160 Character Max and should be at least 50 characters).

keywords are entered into a search engine. Normally keywords are words that are found most often within your web page. With proper apps and or software, you can customize these keywords. When that term is searched, it will show that page of your website.

The Meta Title and Meta Description can easily be customized with programs and apps that guide you through entering a Meta Title and Meta Description. When Google crawls your website, it will not only look at the Keywords within the page, it will look at the content for keywords. If it matches the keywords you entered to the page, that helps google know your website is legitimate. Therefore. You should always enter contact information and the location of your business on each page. Enter the location of your business as much as possible without false advertising. This helps with Search engines showing specific information to your local markets. Below are ways to organically insert your location into Search Engines to better your chances of being queried when specific terms are typed in. Also, if you want to find out the prominent keywords searched for your product and services, see Google keyword planner or a free keyword tool.

The best way to target keywords, geographically, is to create blog, post events, and newsletters. Mainly anything that creates updated content and encompasses keywords. Search Engines best Practices helps guide you trough  how to develop quality content, like we are doing now. The more you have, the more likely your website will be found in searches.

List of Ideas to Help

  • When you have an event, always make sure you state your location and keywords specific to your audience, brand and their search terms specific to the event.
  • Add historical background information of your business, region, town to help build content generated to tell Google you are a prominent business in that location
  • Promote other businesses, whether they are complimentary stores, or just other businesses you like in the area.
  •  Comment on other Businesses, organizations and other events. whether it is a store event or a Holiday. Generating and creating content with your business name as well as creating a personality,
  • Create a Fundraiser, Raffle, Giveaways with the Location, and List the family or a permitted Name for the person, whether its just the first name and the Geographic location they are from.
  • Add Widgets, Apps, Content, on your website that would help local users through the day and or share information like weather, news, etc.
  • Reviews help build all aspects of your business and enhanced targeting. Google will produce more results for markets specific to the qualities who give you  good reviews.
  • Create profiles of yourself and Other Employees and their Current Location.
  • Having People click or say they have been to your Business through social Media, with its location is key and also linking to your website from Social Media. There programs that allow you to showcase Reviews and Events from social Media onto your website.
  • Always make sure you get other Businesses you are friends with that have a website, Mention you or advertise you on their website. Always Sign-up on government Websites that promote Businesses by. Whether it’s Municipal, Provincial or Federal sites that promote the growth of Businesses. They are usually.
  • Always make sure your business is on Google Maps. Google will ask you where you would like to show your ads both in Google My Business and in Google Search Console. Make sure to specify



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