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Successfully Marketing To Retirees

If you are a small business, one target market you should align part of your strategy towards, is the elder generations. At the moment, those generations are called the traditionalists, the Baby Boomers and the earlier born Generation X.

The world has become a very busy place and many people are very hard to target, as they don’t have time in their day to day to deal with the fast pace of today’s society.

Why are the elder generations easier to market too?

These generations are very familiar in psycho-graphics. They are the most understood, and the  least complicated. They are the most familiar as they have been around the longest in our lives and understood through firsthand experience as being a relative. Their age was more simple and centered  around specific lifestyles, with not as many variables, groups, segregated cultures, subcultures and made up of different minority fractions of the population.


They have Money

Retired individuals normally have discretionary income. This is income that comes from different benefits, investments and retirement. It can come from Social Security Allowances, pensions, stocks and Mutual Funds, as well as bonds paid out that they invested in during their life time. Many of them in their later years do not waste money, like some other generations do, and their kids are all grown as well as their homes are paid off.

They are easy to find.

Most communities have specific parts of the cities where there is a high majority of the elder generations. They can be found in bars, Legions, malls, retirement homes and parks. This makes it easier to target them specifically, and many of the mediums you would use to target these generations are very non-costly.


  • Flyers
  • Pamphlets
  • Anything you put in the mailbox they’ll read

The best and most proven way to grow your business while developing a very prosperous, fail-proof successful marketing strategy with this target market, would be solidifying your brand through business stewardship around the ideals they value. The tribulations, freedoms that cultures cause and crisis’s  that impact those generations the most. Not only does this help you connect your brand to that market, but it can help your brand become deep rooted in the fabric and roots of the region, that would echo your business to all types of markets.

Although these are expenses, they are something to feel good about. Not only that, but these generations reward stewardship of businesses. They reward good faith, and your business will create a long relationship and become a part of the fabric of the Region, that will continue to benefit from.

It is very easy to join in on events or create events that will earn you recognition with this group through historical holidays, causes and community events.

A few events that can earn you high awareness through this community are:

Special events that recognize their service in the war, bingo league sponsorship and event creation that specifically target illnesses that affect the older generations. Fighting for causes such as Government support for PTSD,Veterans and initiatives that help veterans families as well as other wars, events and fundraisers, and benefits for raising money to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Other events can be for such things as wheel chair drives, supporting blood donations, and supporting more programs that help with returning back from war into normal life.

Not only will you gain attention just from the sponsoring of events, but you should develop friendships and build meaningful relationships. These generations are always open to good honest friends and amazing, fun people to be around.

Many people in the older generations are always up for a good conversation, and they value respect. They enjoy businesses that put dedication and hard work as a priority. If they feel valued, you’re guaranteed they will become return customers.

Most advertising is very profitable. Since the older generations like to read, watch the news, and watch older TV channels with shows with re-runs like Mash or I Dream of Jeannie.

They like to watch a lot of local area network news stations that are very low cost since commercials are in a small geographic area. Advertising further away for these generations would not benefit a company at all since most the things they buy are within close quarters.

The elder generations mainly listen to talk show and morning radio. Those channels are less competitive than most, and the cost of advertising is at the very low end of the spectrum for TV advertising.

You should base a large percentage of business on delivering fryers, well placed business signs and meeting people within larger majority population communities of older generations. Also, referrals are still the most common reasons consumers become customers.


Where do you advertise to this market

All towns, cities, or regions close to you have parts of the are where there is a much larger population of the older generations. It doesn’t take much more than a few drives pass to find out places where they go for meals or recreation.

With the elder generations, many of them are bored, they read ever last thing in the mail and newspaper. Printout flyers, printout business cards as well as give them senior discount and special promotions. Depending on your company, you could have a day of the week where seniors get discounts.

Personalized distribution channels and delivery

Although these generations may not be involved with technology, creating distribution methods that meet their needs and advertising it to them, can build a lot of business. If you own a small grocery store. You can create a system where the elders can make a list of what they need on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis. You can start picking up business even if you were a business that just delivered to veterans.

After you retire: Conversation about today tomorrow, yesterday, is a pass time and the key to your success in this market.

Seniors Discount and personalized service towards these generations

Make sure they receive a senior discount and have an amazing, respectable, enjoyable and memorable time while within your place of business .First time customers shop for products and or services from companies from friends, family and acquaintances. There’s no better way to promote your business then having retirees. Many of them will refer friend’s family and even strangers that give them the chance to talk.



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