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16 tips to help small Business

  1. Create a database of customers or possible customers, enter them into market segments, and create content that focuses on those markets through social media, email marketing, or physical advertising.
  2. Change your image/brand and customize areas that customers see. Portray that image and have a great marketing orientation.
  3. When creating order forms, always ask for them to give you their email on the form, that way you can create life-long communication with the customers.
  4. Create events the help portray the company in a very good light
  5. Create an online sign up coupon, or discount retrieval page on your website. Then you can advertise to consumers on order forms, social media and at events.
  6. Create a member rewards card. There should always be rewards for being a dedicated customer.
  7. Always have a Customer Relationship Management Platform, whether it be Salesforce, your own website, an application in your business, if a customer has phoned in or there has been contact with the customer. Always make sure it is easily retrieved by any employee that would also have contact with that customer.
  8. If a customer has an issue, unless it is a ploy, make sure to always give them something in return for their issue.
  9. Online, there should always be a referral reward.
  10. Gather as much knowledge about the customer as possible, that’s not very personal, even hobbies. This helps to define your target markets.
  11. Find complimentary organizations you can give a discount to or strike up a friendship with. In return you can promote their business, and they can promote yours. Search Engines like when well known organizations refer your business on their website. This is called authoritative linking and Google sees it as a great reference which intern gives you more points with Google
  12. Post your organization on as many business glossary websites as possible. There are quite a few, whether its yelp or municipal sites that promote businesses. This again is good for authoritative linking a as well as awareness.
  13. Get on as many social media sites as possible in order to spread awareness of your business.
  14. Always make it easy for the customer to contact you on the phone, but always have an option to subscribe to your website in order to database them. They may not be a customer, but this improves your chances that they will return.
  15. If you have enough information about different markets that buy from you, you can create content or even cooperate with a complimentary business to create targeted content on social media towards specific markets.
  16. Always look for new products and markets that can help and grow your business.



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